Frequently Asked Question Addyzoa

Hi Dr., does addyzoa act like clomid? Does it reduce FSH or does it raise FSH level?

FSH levels are indicators of testicular function and will get lowered when that improves. Clomid acts at hormonal level and addyzoa acts more upon sperms. Both are complimentary and should be taken together.  

How effective is Addyzoa in treating male infertility with normal count but 5% motile sperms in SA?
Addyzoa is effective and recommended in your situation. Please get checked for varicocoele. Also, do not wear very tight briefs, do not take very hot baths. If you have to sit on foam or leather chair for long, fold a cotton towel and keep up on your chair. Anything that raises scrotal temperature will affect the motility  

Can Addyzoa increase sperm count. Please specify normal range of sperm count.
Addyzoa increases sperm count. Normal sperm count is 20- 100 million/ml. other parameters like morphology and motility etc. are also important factors for conceiving. Addyzoa is recommended to improve all parameters    

Can Addyzoa cure azospermia (nil sperm) and if yes is there guarantee.
A. Firstly, please get a testicular biopsy to ascertain the cause of azospermia. If you do not have capacity to make sperms or you have blockage in VAS, it won’t be able to help. If you have arrest of maturation, then proper dosage of addyzoa will certainly help.  

I just started using addyzoa and I want to know how soon by reason of days will I realize an increase in my sperm count after taking addyzoa?
It is recommended to go for a repeat sperm count at least 6 weeks after start of treatment; as that is the time spermatozoa takes to become a mature sperm.  

1.) What is the dose for a man with a count of 1 to 3 million? 2.) Can a man with oligospermia of <3 million sperm count have sex while on therapy with Addyzoa?

You should get your sperm count repeated after 3 days of abstinence. Dosage of addyzoa is 2 capsules thrice a day; but it takes at least 6weeks for the result to show. Studies have proved that regular sex is better for pregnancy than timed intercourse. You can have sex while on Addyzoa therapy.  

I have been diagnosed, after a scan that the blood vessel that send blood to and from my testis are dilated and addyzoa has been prescribed for me to use. What are my chances to get this corrected?
The condition is called varicocoele. It raises the testicular temperature and if it is severe it hampers development of sperms. Addyzoa will help in increasing the quantity of sperms but will not correct varicocoele. Meanwhile you have to keep area around your testis area cool by not-
1. Having very hot baths
2. Wearing tight undergarments
3. Sitting on foam for long periods, instead use cotton towel when sitting on foam.